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What is MERO Foundation?

MERO Foundation stands for “Marine Education & Research Organisation“. We aim to be one of the most important and valued research centers in Indonesia.
Our vision is

To become a center of marine science and tourism based on eco-friendly environment and conservation.

Our missions are
  1. To become a center of marine research development;
  2. To provide the younger generation with marine insight;
  3. To implement realisation and responsibility towards the environment, and;
  4. To support and teach the local community.

Indonesia exists for roughly 70% out of water and it houses immensely diverse aquatic ecosystems. This makes Indonesia a country with great potential as a “Marine Mega Biodiversity”. As marine sciences continue to develop, Human Resources (HR) are needed to accommodate and manage this extraordinary potential. Supported by existing infrastructure and expert advisors, we can produce products, quality, and have a positive impact on future generations.

After a successful Grand Opening in February 2020, the MERO Foundation has opened its doors to support scientific developments for years to come.

First established in Bali, MERO Foundation aims to provide Indonesia with a generation that is educated, knowledgeable, conscious of the environment, and seeks to innovate, especially concerning marine affairs.

MERO provides equipment and infrastructure in the form of a research laboratory, and has staffed researchers and educators who are experts in their fields. Along with the development of educational programs that require students to study at institutions, MERO is here to become one of the agencies that can accommodate it.

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